Jordan King completed 91 laps during his day’s F1 testing with Manor Racing at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya on Wednesday, posting a fastest time of 1:27.615.

How do you feel the day went?

“Really great. This was my first test of this year’s car, the MRT05, and it’s clear the team has made a lot of progress. When I tested last season’s car in Abu Dhabi it was mainly about getting myself comfortable behind the wheel of an F1 car but this time I was able to help the team, rather than the other way around, and give them strong feedback and data. So the focus was on them this time, rather than on me, and that’s what test driving should be about. Also, because I had a full day in the car I was able to do double the mileage I achieved at Yas Marina.”

You had a brief off in the morning session which resulted in the red flags. What happened?

“I slightly overcooked it into Turn 7, was a bit ambitious and lost the rear. There were no issues though, no damage, and I was able to keep the car running and continue. It brought gravel onto the track which the marshals needed to sweep up, which is what signaled the red flags, but the session got underway again quite quickly. The first time in a new car you always have to carefully feel where the limit is and, once I found it, I didn’t cross that line again.”

Were you able to get some low fuel flying laps in?

“Unfortunately the day was cut a bit short and I didn’t get to do the high performance runs we’d planned. It’s a bit frustrating I couldn’t show what I am capable of in terms of outright speed, but that would have just been to satisfy my ego and, as I say, the test really was all about the team and they’re very happy with the work we did. I’m satisfied that I did my best.”

Is it tricky to switch from a weekend’s GP2 racing (Jordan finished third on Sunday) to testing an F1 car?

The power increase is always impressive but to be honest I was able to adapt very quickly and, as this was my second time driving an F1 car, I knew what to expect and felt more at home this time. It was a bit different because when I tested with Manor Racing last time I’d already spent much of the season in the garage with them, whereas this time I hadn’t been on the flyaways and some of the team personnel have changed. So it felt quite new, but really positive.”