With strong progress from Barcelona and P2 finishes in both sessions on day one, Jordan King shares his thoughts on the final pre-season test in Bahrain.

How did testing in Bahrain compare to Barcelona?

We’ve seen good progress from Barcelona, both in terms of the lap times posted and the way we are working together as a team.


We focused a lot on race runs throughout the test, around half of the test laps, with the other half more performance focused, which really helped us to look at and improve different set-ups.


We are looking strong on pace which is encouraging and are really moving forwards, with the team taking on feedback and implementing it quickly and efficiently. We now have another week and a half to sit down and look at different areas where we can make even more improvements ahead of the first race.


Overall I feel we are in a positive place and I know myself what I need to do in the lead up to and during the race weekend. However, it will be interesting to see what happens in the races, as you never really know what everyone else is doing in testing.


Did your knowledge of the circuit help you post the strong times?

Bahrain is definitely one of the circuits I’m more familiar with so it does give me an advantage versus the rookie drivers. There are quite a few of us on the grid who have good knowledge of the track and you can really see the teams leaning on them for information and feedback.


What do you like about racing in Bahrain?

The great thing about Bahrain is that it is a warm, abrasive circuit with very high tyre wear. The conditions make it tricky for everyone, meaning it’s always a big challenge to race here. Crucially it means that it mixes everything up a bit and isn’t just a matter of ‘the quickest car wins’, keeping it very exciting for drivers and spectators alike.


I’m really looking forward to lights-out here in a couple of weeks.


The series returns to Bahrain for the first round of the Formula 2 2017 season on 14-16 April.