British GP2 driver Jordan King will get his first taste of this season’s Manor Racing F1 car tomorrow at Spain’s Circuit de Catalunya.


Jordan drove last year’s Manor MR03B at the Pirelli test in Abu Dhabi in December but tomorrow marks the young driver’s first chance to get to grips with this year’s MRT05.


Hot on the heels of finishing third in Sunday’s GP2 sprint race in Barcelona, with Racing Engineering, the 22-year-old is excited to feel first-hand what improvements Manor Racing has made with the new car and gain further F1 development experience.


“It’s always thrilling and rewarding to step into a Formula One car,” said Jordan. “I’m very grateful to Manor Racing for affording me the opportunity to drive their car and assist in its development as it’s vital experience at this stage of my career. My duties with Manor run parallel with my GP2 campaign and this is an important and busy season, one which kicked off in earnest last weekend with my first race of the year.


“Every lap you drive in any racing car, but particularly a Formula One car, you are learning more and the learning curve in an F1 car is steep, so tomorrow is a terrific opportunity to show my speed and garner as much information as I can. Last year’s Abu Dhabi test was very positive and I’ll be fascinated to feel the improvement between that car and this year’s. It’ll be another important milestone in my career and I hope to get as much mileage as possible and deliver helpful data to the team.”